Vassar '67
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Where We Learned What We Learned

Rocky, Chicago, New England, Avery, Skinner, Taylor, Blodgett... Who can forget those
8 a.m. winter dashes across campus, clutching a book bag and leaping over green ladies before the bell?  Those lecture halls, seminar spaces and labs were the places where Vassar helped shape our minds. 

Whatever your major, you probably associate certain classrooms with the deep thrill of learning (or the trembling fear of a pop quiz).  In this section, you are invited to re-visit the academic life, by department, illustrated by a few views of the places you pursued your studies.  Please share your memories of moments with professors, departments and their locations around campus. As soon as we get some content, we'll add them to these sections, and then you will be able to click on the links below for your choice of departments. If the link is not live, it means we have no content as yet.  So, please send us your memories and mementoes!

Art Biology Chemistry
Economics   Sociology
English French Geography/Geology
German History Italian
Mathematics Music Philosophy
Physics/Astronomy Political Science Psychology
Religion Russian Spanish